Meet the Crew

Bryan and Jenny both grew up in northern Mecklenburg county. They were high school sweethearts and have been married for over 25 years. Once Bryan graduated college (UNCC – with a degree in Biology), he managed a fitness center for several years. During that time, he worked with his dad on “Saturday Tree Jobs.” In 1996, he bought a small stump grinder to use on those jobs and as they say, “the rest is history”. Bryan is a hard worker and is committed to providing quality service. He is a generous and compassionate employer. Outside of work he enjoys volunteering at church, hiking, and watching movies. He is always happy! He seeks the Lord’s will in his business and his life.


After college, Jenny became a school teacher and later obtained a Master’s Degree in Counseling. After several years of working as a school counselor, the two “Joy boys” came along and it was apparent that her life was to take a different direction. Bryan’s business was growing and needed a good office manager. So, for the past 20 years, Jenny has taken care of the office side of the company. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and traveling. 

Antony can often be found high above the ground! He is a highly skilled climber as well as a bucket truck and spider lift specialist.  

Antony started working with us as soon as he turned 18 and graduated high school. For a year prior to that, he practiced (under the supervision of his older brother) climbing trees on his own time to help him be prepared for his future career. That is dedication! 

He is focused, a leader, task oriented, and safety conscious. Antony takes pride in his work and is polite and respectful.

For 12 years, Jose has been a loyal and dedicated employee and friend. Jose loves the Lord with all of his heart and that shows in his daily attitude and work ethic.

You can’t help but to be in his presence and just feel his positive spirit. He is steady, dependable, and multi-talented. He can run ropes, run the skid steer, run a chainsaw, and run the skid steer. That’s a lot of running!

Jose has been married for 23 years and has three lovely daughters and one son, all of whom are his pride and joy! Jose is humble and kind and seeks to see the best in people.

This company has been built on a solid foundation of providing consistent quality service. That foundation has relied heavily on the loyal dedication of Manuel. For 17 years, he has arrived to work earlier than he’s had to get things in order for the day. This work ethic continues all day long, every single day, without fail.

Manual is physically strong and to be honest, can work harder than many men half his age! He is experienced and protective. Probably the most jovial of the crew, his antics keep everyone smiling! Manuel is the father of Damian and Antony. That’s right; he has two sons on the crew!

He has been married for over 40 years, has 7 children and 14 grandchildren who affectionately call him, “Abuelo Manuel.” 

Dwayne is the newest addition to the team. Boy are we incredibly blessed that he has joined us! From the beginning, he has been eager to learn and take on an increased amount of responsibility. Can you see any resemblance between him and Junior?

Dwayne is the oldest of Junior’s children. We have had the pleasure of watching him grow over the years from a respectful young boy to a man who takes pride in his work and in his family.

His courteousness, his love for his country, and his protective nature are all qualities of his to be highly admired. If you get a chance to speak with him, be sure to ask about his daughter and son. They are his pride and joy!

We do not take for granted the loyalty and dependably we have had with the men on our crew.

For 14 years, Osbaldo has exemplified these qualities. He is a problem solver. He is intelligent. He is dedicated. He not only runs the skid steer with proficiency, he is also a highly skilled mechanic. Easy going with a lot of common sense, his skill set is invaluable to the company.

He is happily married and is  such a wonderful role model for his three sons and one daughter. 


Junior is our foreman and without a doubt, the backbone of the company.

He is loyal, well-versed in tree care, has years of experience, and is kind hearted and genuine.

Aside from his safety conscious tree removal and trimming abilities, he also has excellent skills communicating with our customers. They simply love him!

It is often that Junior receives customer praises for his leadership…“I just want to let you know how much we appreciate your company’s professionalism and in particular, Junior’s work this morning. He was attentive to our needs and carried out his work with great pride and efficiency.” F.N.

As an employer, receiving comments like these are invaluable…just like Junior! When he is not working (which isn’t that often!), he enjoys spending time with his son and three daughters.

His favorite vacation spot is Nashville and he is a big Mustang guy! Most recently he has become a grandfather which is a huge highlight of his life. He is devoted to his country, has high standards, and high morals.