“Well you guys are just awesome!  You keep the customer informed, tell them when you’re going to show up; show up and tell them what you’re going to do, and do it! Clean up was great, the crew was great, and Junior was great. I am way more than pleased and more than satisfied.  You absolutely have a repeat and loyal customer here.  You guys are a literal Joy to work with!” – Rob K.
“Junior and his men did a super job. They were very professional. They left my place looking great and very clean! Thanks so much Jenny! You guys are top notch! Would recommend you guys to anyone!!!” – Dean


“Jenny, your guys did a fantastic job with the tree removal today. As you know, there was limited access into the yard and it was still a bit wet even today. They were very respectful of the property and did a great job dealing with these issues. I could not have asked for a better, professional, and efficient crew to get the job done. It has been a great experience dealing with your company and will gladly recommend your services to friends and neighbors. I look forward to using your services again in the future.”
– Mike
“Your employees did a great job today. They were pleasant, hard-working and efficient. And, they cleaned-up meticulously.”
– Teresa
“Our work was just completed! It was done in a very professional manner. I had the opportunity to watch the removal of the trees. Junior and his crew did a phenomenal job! He was a great leader as they moved to complete the job efficiently! It was fascinating watching the precision with which they completed the job. Our yard is immaculate with the area looking as if no trees were ever there! I gave the check to Junior. Again thank you for your service.”
– Ms. Baldwin
“Your “tree team” left just a few minutes ago and what a fantastic job they all did! The large high pine tree is gone as are several smaller trees and scrub and the yard beyond our fence looks so much better. Al and I watched the tree being cut down and landing perfectly in just the direction the cutter aimed for and we’ll be talking about it for quite a long time. We just can’t thank you enough for all your coordinating. scheduling, e-mailing and being so helpful – and putting together such a great team.

Ted was such a pleasure to meet (as well as the other team members) and made some good suggestions on which trees to remove. Ha-ha, and when I told him what a fantastic job he did, he said to tell Joy to give them all a raise! Tell him I passed along his suggestion.

Again, our many thanks. We will certainly recommend your service to everyone we can.



We just wish to let you know how great the team was that you sent us. The work was so professional in that they did exactly what we wanted, worked efficiently and immaculately and we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.
               Best Regards


“Your guys did an amazing job of removing the very large oak tree. With the exception of the small mound of mulch left behind, as stated in the estimate, there was no evidence that a tree ever stood in that spot. Honestly, not a stick left behind. We will be calling on you for future needs. Thank you for a job…so expertly done.” – The Blacks